40 Seconds to Change Your Marketing Forever?

Posted on October 25, 2018 at 9:05 AM

Geico: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. Everybody knows that.

But does everybody know that 40 seconds could change your marketing forever?

It’s true. Want to reach your audience? Capture their attention? Differentiate your brand? Convey your key messages? You can do it in about the same amount of time it took you to read this intro.

Tick Tock

Most companies approach video from the standpoint of wanting to educate the prospect or customer. They want to tell them everything — everything! — about their products and services. “Forty seconds? It’s not enough. A minute? It’s not enough. I need five. At least!”

You don’t.

In this short ad, for example, LG pokes fun at the angst we all feel when our phone batteries dip into the single digits. “Low Battery Anxiety Group Therapy” manages to convey the problem — not having enough juice to do what you need to do and being tethered to a power strip — and the solution — an ultra-long lasting battery.


It’s funny. It’s relatable. It’s about 40 seconds. You’ll notice LG didn’t go into product specs, features, or benefits. What they did was highlight a challenge consumers have and pose an answer. Their website, their brochures, their other marketing assets, can fill prospects in on the details. The video is there to grab their attention and engage them with the brand.

Find That One Thing

Imagine you were at a party, a meeting, a gathering, a tradeshow. A prospect or customer approaches you and says, “Tell me one thing about your company.”

Are you going to launch into the technical details of your newest software solution? The specs of the home model your brand is building? The features of the flooring or clothing or sneakers you sell? Are you going to drone on and on about how terrific you are?

You can already feel their minds wandering away from the conversation! What they really want to know is who you are. Video provides a remarkably effective medium to communicate your unique personalities and offerings. It empowers you to show — not just tell — who you are as a brand and how you can help enhance/enrich/change their lives.

Find that one thing, the one thing that they want to know, and create short videos that give them their easily-digested answers.

Is Shorter Always Stronger?

The short answer: no. You have to go back to your strategy. What do you want to accomplish with a particular video or series of videos? On what channels will they live?

For example, HubSpot research indicates that if you want to target your Facebook audience, videos of about one minute perform better than longer content. Facebook users want short, snappy, and preferably humorous or emotionally charged videos that they can consume, share, and then move on to the next item in their feed.

Twitter prefers even shorter content. Here, videos of 45 seconds are typically the top performers. It makes sense. Tweets are 140 characters; videos should align with the fast-paced platform.

Now, on your website and YouTube, longer content is often more effective. This is where people go to settle in, watch, and learn. They’re not as likely to move on to the next piece (assuming, of course, that you have compelling video content for them to enjoy!) as quickly.

The length of your video depends on your video marketing strategy. Too often, though, brands discount the impact of short videos.

Don’t make this mistake: 40 seconds can change your marketing forever.





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