5 Benefits of Partnering with a Video Marketing Company

Posted on September 20, 2018 at 8:12 PM

Marketing is challenging — and video marketing is even harder.

Are we telling the right story? Is anyone watching it? What about metadata and tagging? Do I need a YouTube channel? Does this video belong on my website or in sales literature? Is this an internal recruitment video? Do we even have an internal recruitment video?

These are questions you ask yourself everyday; maybe they even keep you up at night. The right video marketing partner can help you answer these questions. A good night’s sleep may not be written into the terms of your agreement, but don’t be surprised if you rest easier as well.

Here are the top ways an experienced video marketing company can help your brand:

  1. Effective Strategy. A great story is… well, great. But if it does not align with and advance your overall business goals, it is, ultimately, a waste of your time and money. Inclusive firms don’t just script and shoot videos; they create cohesive strategies that are designed to deliver the results you need and implement proven metrics so you can track performance and realize a strong ROI.
  2. Engaging Stories. Your goal, first and foremost, is to produce videos that tell your brand story clearly, concisely, and compellingly. As a business leader, you’re well-versed in creating your specific products, delivering your particular services, guiding your people. Your video marketing firm, though, has a staff of storytellers. They know how to take features, benefits, and your unique differentiators and transform them into videos that convey your story in fresh ways.
  3. Professional Production Capabilities. Mobile devices are the great equalizer. Anyone can produce content, and anyone with a story to tell can tell it. But there’s a big “but” coming: unprofessional video reflects directly on your brand. Of course, user-generated content and fun videos uploaded by fans is excellent.
  4. Cost-Savings. Hiring in-house video marketing staff and investing in the necessary equipment is cost-prohibitive for most companies. You’re left funding and managing a team, maintaining costly cameras, mics, sets, and other assets, and juggling schedules. On top of your already full-time job, this is a heaping serving you can’t afford to add to your plate.
  5. Time-Savings. What happens when you find the right partner handle your brand storytelling needs? You can get to work. You can do what you do best: create, produce, serve, sell, run your company.

But when it comes to assets that you generate and use to promote your brand, you need to maintain the highest level of quality. Don’t settle for less than the most crisp visuals, the best sound, the most engaging content.

Marketing is challenging. And, yes, video marketing is even harder. With the right partner, it is not only manageable — it is nothing short of revolutionary.





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Adam Grubb

Adam Grubb

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