5 Tips to Elevate Your Business Video Marketing Strategy

Posted on November 22, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Whether you want to start employing video as part of your comprehensive marketing strategy or you need to amp up your performance, we have tips that help you achieve the results you need.

Leverage the Power of Brand Video

1. Start with Strategy.

Have you been in meetings like this: someone from the C-suite or upper management says, “We need video. Get it done.”

Absolutely! You do need video in today’s dynamic business environment. But, if you have been in meetings like this, you know what tends to happen next. There’s some Googling, some jotting down of ideas, some initial excitement.

And then…. ?

Maybe you produce a few videos, let them loose in the wild, and then become frustrated when they don’t provide the expected return. Maybe you’re not targeting your audience effectively. Maybe you’re not deploying video on the platforms they prefer (more on this in a moment). Maybe your compelling brand story is not being told in a captivating way.

Whatever the reason, producing video means nothing if no one is watching it — or if the wrong people are.

Start with strategy. Always. What do you want to accomplish? To whom are you speaking? What do they want and need to know? How and where do they typically consume content? How can you frame your story so it catches — and keeps — their attention?

The answers to these questions are critical. They’ll ensure that your video marketing endeavors bear fruit.

2. Focus On Your Customer

You can do this no matter what your industry, no matter what your product or service.

One of our clients is in the automotive industry — a space that is perceived by many as cookie-cutter or boring. The reality is that their brand identity is anything but bland. We were integral in producing intimate videos that moved away from the typical “This is our product, and these are its features and benefits” message to the more powerful story-based, customer-focused “This is how we can help you” message.

The client, Carplex, was able to effectively engage customers, generate more web traffic, and substantially increase sales. The driving force was their brand story and ability to connect it to customer needs.

3. Be Where Customers Are

The best story is, ultimately, useless if it does not get in front of the right eyes. As important as what goes into your videos is where and how they will be viewed. Today’s consumers have gone beyond traditional TV and radio. They’re on their computers, their phones, their tablets. They’re bouncing between websites, YouTube, and social media apps.

You must be present where they are and deliver content that is easily consumable, no matter what device, no matter what time of day, no matter where they are.

4. Tell a Great Story

There is nothing more satisfying — and scary! — than watching people watch your videos. Ideally, you’re seeing emotion and a connection. That, however, is exactly what most corporate video is lacking.

Most of the time, it’s about products and services. It’s about features and benefits. And that can turn customers away from your brand. These are not differentiators; there may be countless other companies that can deliver the same or similar products and services.

When you create a unique and compelling story about your people, your products and processes, and your company itself, you present your brand to consumers in a way they’ve never seen before. You break through the continual onslaught of media and reach them on an emotional level.

5. Find a Partner

There are so many levels to video marketing; it’s incredible — and overwhelming. From YouTube channels to metadata to SEO to social media to crafting the story and producing video, it is difficult to do it alone and in-house. A trusted partner can help you navigate the landscape.

Find an expert who understands video marketing and who can become an extension of your brand. The right video marketing partner will ensure your story reaches your audiences in new, and powerful, ways. That’s what changes companies. That’s what can change yours.

Video can transform your marketing strategy. Put these tips to work, and realize the results you need.

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