Are Your Videos Working?

Posted on December 19, 2018 at 10:30 AM

You think we’re going to talk about video marketing metrics and analytics, don’t you? Not this time, my friends. We want you to walk a mile in these shoes with us:

You’re a single mother. Eighteen. Your mother was sixteen. She never had the chance to finish  school, and you don’t think you will either. You’re working two jobs to support your child. You’re wondering how to pay the heat bill and buy groceries — and how you can possibly carve out time to spend with your daughter, to read to her, to play with her. There’s no one, no family, no support system, to help you.

You’re struggling. Overwhelmed. Desperate.

And then someone reaches out. They help you find safe, stable, affordable housing. With their support, you take the next steps on your educational, employment, and parental paths. They do it without judging or shaming or expecting anything from you — except that you’ll discover your own inner strength and empower your family. That you won’t just survive but thrive.

Watch this:

New Moms programs are “designed to support life transformation.” They help young mothers and children find safe housing, expand their employment opportunities, and develop the tools they need to raise strong families. “This unique, wrap-around approach results in deep and lasting change and interrupts the cycle of poverty for two generations.”

How do you feel when watching this? Moved? Inspired? Motivated to help struggling families in your area in some way? This is the crux of effective video marketing: it elicits a reaction that goes beyond the intellectual or the logical parts of the brain.

So how do you know if your videos are working? When they create an emotional response in the viewer. They connect; they feel called — compelled — to action.

Video marketing analytics is critical; watch times, completion, click-through, and conversion rates, social interaction — all of these metrics give you insight into whether people are watching, whether they’re engaging, whether they’re taking action. But the emotional response, that’s what will tell you that your videos are truly working.


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Adam Grubb

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