Data-Driven: 7 Video Metrics To Keep Your Eye On

Posted on October 11, 2018 at 1:20 PM

A good story. That’s what gets results.

Telling your story through video is a powerful way to engage with and market to your audience. But… how do you know it’s working? Are you moving towards your goals? What’s your ROI? In the digital age, we can measure all of these factors. You don’t have to wonder; you don’t have to guess. You’ll know — and you can use this insight to achieve enhanced results.

Get the Data You Need

Creating videos isn’t enough. Creating great videos isn’t enough. A strong strategy allows you to deploy video where, when, and to whom it will be most impactful. Through analytics, you can measure, manage, and optimize your campaigns and tactics. Keep your eye on:

  • Views. This is the easiest metric to track — and it’s certainly gratifying to see those numbers tick up when you release your video into the wild. Views can tell you about your reach and how effective your distribution strategy is.

But remember that views are a limited metric: they don’t tell you who’s looking, how engaged they are, or if they completed a CTA. Start here, but don’t end here!

  • Play Rate. Seeing a video isn’t the same as watching a video. For example, your video could appear on someone’s Facebook page (that counts as an impression) but that doesn’t mean they viewed it. Play rate is the number of impressions divided by the people who watched.

This percentage is key: if it is high, analyze what you’re doing right — and do more of it! If it’s low, look at areas for improvement.

  • Watch Time. This metric looks at the time people spend watching your video. Do they click away after three seconds? Thirty? The best way to keep them there is to tell a compelling story.


  • Completion Rates. On a related note, how many people watch your videos all the way through? Divide the number of completions by the number of people who pressed “Play” to arrive at this percentage. Again, if it’s lower than you’d like, examine where you may be losing people.


  • Social metrics. Look for social shares: this indicates that people felt that your video provided value of some kind and they passed it onto their friends/family/followers, etc. Shares can also increase your social media reach, which is particularly critical in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.


Another social metric to watch: feedback. Are people reacting and commenting? How can you generate buzzy conversation?


  • Click-Through-Rates. Video has the highest click-through-rate of any digital ad format. Take a look at yours to see if your CTR placement, copy, and visuals are hitting the target.


  • Conversion Rate. This looks at the number of people who completed your desired call to action.


How do you start? Use your channel’s built-in solutions (e.g. Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, YouTube Analytics, etc.) and rely on the expertise of your video marketing partner to get the intel you need.


Your stories are the heart of your video marketing strategy. Data can help you tell them more to the right people at the right time in the right places.




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