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Posted on August 29, 2018 at 8:47 PM

When introducing the first iPhone in 2007[1], you’d have thought the black turtleneck-clad Steve Jobs was a rock star. The crowd was clapping and cheering; they were smiling and excited. Most of all, they were enthralled with Jobs’ story.

Instead of saying, “We’ve built an easy-to-use phone that’s also an iPod that’s also an internet communication device so you can do X, Y, and Z with the touchscreen,” Jobs told a story of Apple innovation. He explained how the iPhone would reinvent the phone. He invited everyone along for the ride. And everyone (or so it seems!) went. This is the power of brand storytelling.


Shift the Focus from Features and Benefits

What happens when you hear a set of facts at a presentation or pitch? Within one hour, you’ve forgotten about 50 percent of the information. Within one day, 70 percent is gone. And within one week, 90 percent vanishes.[2]

Those features that you explained to your leads? Those benefits you touted to potential customers? They’re most likely lost in the abyss of the brain! If retained, they may easily become confused and commingled with the features and benefits of your competitors. So how do you engage your audience with your products, your services, your brand?

The answer is stories.



Stories Build Connection and Trust

According to Dr. Sarah Jane Murray of Baylor University (researcher, academic, and of course, storyteller), we are 22 times more likely to remember a story than fact alone.[3]

When you weave your messaging through the medium of story, you create greater comprehension, retention, understanding — and even affinity and trust.

According to Princeton researchers, when we hear a story, something curious happens to our brains. Through a phenomenon called “neuro coupling,” we don’t just activate the area of the brain that controls listening or language. If the storyteller talks about smells, that area lights up. If they talk about tastes or sights or fear or anger or joy, those areas ignite. We literally feel what they feel.[4]

When you can harness that power as a brand, you have the secret to connecting with your target audience — and meeting your business-building goals.


Tell a Great Story

Video is the ideal medium for storytelling in the digital age, and savvy brands leverage it well.

Airbnb, for example, creates short films and ads that highlight the sense of belonging and connectedness of hosts and travellers.

It’d be easy for them to say, “You can find a good, clean rental when you’re on vacation.” Or, “Rent your space to make some extra money.” Easy, and boring. How much more compelling is the story of host James, who says in a video, “When I was growing up, I felt like I was a nobody. I didn’t feel at home, even though that’s where I was born.”

James talks about growing up as a person of color in racially divided Philadelphia, and how he finally found “home” — and love — traveling halfway around the world to Korea. Today, as a host, he says, “We believe that our home should be a haven for both the friend and the stranger”.

His wife, Ja, adds, “Nobody is a stranger. You can be white. You can be black. You can be green. Come in my house, in front door, let’s having something to eat first. Then let’s talk.” [5]

It’s a three minute video that packs a punch. Watch it: in a week, tell us if 90% of that feeling is gone. We’re betting you’ll still vividly remember James and Ja — and want to book a stay with them!


Stories like this bring brands alive. Capturing your story through unique, well-crafted videos empowers you to engage your audience and compel them to seek your solutions. Want to learn more? Click here to get access to our exclusive video marketing course.




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