Olympic stories are gold (sorry for that)

by AGP
Posted on August 11, 2016 at 9:35 AM

I have not written in a while and the reason is simple, I had nothing to say. I will not use the obligatory, “I’m busy”, excuse on you, I’ll just tell you the truth. This blog series is meant to inspire, teach, and give pause on the ideas and strategies around video marketing and if I can drive some traffic to the site, engage a prospect, close a sale, then all the better. But lately, those ideas just weren’t coming to me.

So the fact that I’m sitting on a plane, typing with limited space and a lady next to me who apparently has bought part of my seat as well, should fill you with excitement on what is to come.


Why do we love the Olympics? Why do we stay up late to watch rugby, or any sport for that matter, that we see only four years?

Is it because these are the most elite athletes on the planet? Is it because we have an unconditional love for our country and humanity in general?

Or, is it because we know these athletes on a seemingly personal level?


People inherently root for people they like and have a vested interest in somebody they know, relate to, or understand their struggles and triumphs. We watch in amazement as Jimmy Roberts, takes us to the middle of Ghana to show the brutal nature of their country and what the athletes have to endure just to make it to their daily practice. We sit in awe, as Bob Costas tells us the story of how the refugee Olympic swimmer, swam for three hours while tugging her families capsized boat through the ocean on their way to safety from crime, murder, and civil war.

Imagine if the Olympics build up wasn’t the filthy conditions of Rio, or the reemergence of Michael Phelps. Imagine the weeks leading up to the greatest two weeks in sports, wasn’t about doping allegations, government scandal, athletes at the tail end of their illustrious careers, or the lifelong dreams of many to simply make it to the games.

Imagine you turned on NBC one night and suddenly found yourself watching two on two men’s beach volleyball at 10:30pm on a Tuesday. You would turn the channel, not because you hate volleyball, but because you have nothing invested. You have stumbled onto something by accident that you don’t care about because nobody has told you that you should. Nobody has said, “This person has climbed through Hell and back and is now standing on the grandest of stages, playing a sport for the simple love of the game and internal pride for their country. This person is extraordinary, and you should take notice.”


Story is the backbone of our lives, our days and right now the Olympics. Despite feeling a bit manufactured at times (I’m looking at you Dan Hicks), it is that narrative that makes us feel we are in the pool, the mat, the court, or the sand with these athletes. That back story gives a feeling of understanding and a genuine need to stand two feet from our TV to watch the final seconds or lap.

Sometimes with corporate video, much like the Olympics, the story is more important than the product itself. In fact, we just produced a piece where the product was shown only 8 seconds of the 2-minute film. Why? Because the story behind what the product represented was more entertaining and important than showcasing the benefits and stats for the 100th time.

Discover a story, or a different way to tell a story, that would make a prospect or even a current client, invest in your company or staff, like we do with Olympic athletes. Find the hidden narrative that lives in everything and film it, exploit it, and distribute it to anybody and everybody. Don’t expect people to uncover those stories themselves and become an advocate, you have to give them a true reason to believe in your product, and telling them a great story is a start.


Now, if you will excuse me, women’s Ping Pong is currently live streaming.


The story told in any corporate video has to start somewhere. Wondering how the process works? Take a behind-the-scenes look at how the AGP team works to bring a story to life.

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