The micro judgement

by AGP
Posted on October 29, 2017 at 10:19 PM

Did you know that the time it takes a major league batter to make a decision on a pitch is 1/10 of a second? They have nearly no time at all to decide what the pitch is, where it is going to be at the plate, and if they should swing. Did you also know that in most situations 1/10 of a second is the amount of time a person has to make a good first impression? According to an article published in Psychological Science, in that timeframe the human mind can assess and react to a person or product and decide right then if they are going to like or dislike them or it.

Now I was skeptical of this measurement because it took me longer to type this sentence than the article is suggesting you can judge a person or product. However, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Have you ever sat on a plane and as somebody approaches to sit next to you, you instantly decide whether this is going to be a pleasant experience or three hours of bad breath and boring chit chat? How often have you looked at the packaging of a product and thought it was cheesy? Have you ever heard a slogan or company name and asked yourself, “why?”

This type of human judgment is constant and it is more important now than ever to attract the attention of a potential customer with the understanding that you have microseconds to gain their trust. If you are just starting your video marketing, you need to understand the same type of pressure exists. Do the pace, tone, and content showcase the absolute best parts of your company, people, or product? Does your early video strategy put you in the absolute best light? It is easy to focus your beginning videos on the facts, figures, or features of your company and lose sight of the personality you bring to the market. Show that side first and win that micro judgment from your prospect and prove to them early that you are somebody they want to sit next to on the flight.

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