Video Production vs Video Marketing

Posted on November 01, 2018 at 11:00 AM

What’s the difference between video production and video marketing? It’s the difference between utilizing resources effectively and efficiently — realizing the results and return you need — and throwing time and money out the window.

Think of Video Marketing and Video Production Like This:

Imagine you’re building a house. You hire an architect to design the structure, to ensure it meets your needs, to create a home that will hit all of your requirements in terms of practicality, efficiency, durability, cost, comfort, and style. Then you rely on a contractor, a crew, a plumber, an electrician, etc., to bring this vision to life on nuts and bolts — or nails and screws — level.

The same is true for video marketing versus production. Producing video is just one of the steps in the process. Video marketing is the process.

Video Marketing is More

As mentioned, video production deals with the nuts and bolts:

  • Writing the script (but the content itself is determined by the strategy as noted below)
  • Utilizing camera, sound, and lighting equipment
  • Sourcing talent (e.g. actors, employees, customers)
  • Figuring out the best shots and angles
  • Fine-tuning the audio
  • Editing the video

It’s very much “lights, camera, action.” The end-goal is to produce a video. To have a tangible piece of content.

Video marketing, on the other hand, encompasses every step of the process as you seek to engage your audience, build brand awareness, and convert prospects, including:

  • Cultivating an idea
  • Identifying and clarifying goals
  • Understanding your audience
  • Finding that unique story and spark
  • Producing video content
  • Establishing measurement techniques and performance targets
  • Deploying video content into the market
  • Analyzing data (e.g. views, play and completion rates, social mentions, click-through rates, etc.) to optimize results
  • Leveraging insights to plan new content, techniques, and course corrections

Production is in there — and it is a critical piece of the puzzle — but it is not the corner piece. It is not the beginning or the end.

Why Your Brand Needs a Video Marketing Partner

Sixty-three percent of businesses integrate video content into their marketing mix. But how many are building a solid foundation based on strategy? This is your edge.

Most companies have a YouTube channel. They have a few videos on their websites. They post a clip on Facebook or Instagram here and there. But they do not attach this content to specific campaigns or initiatives.

It’s video for the sake of video. Ultimately, that approach leads to either — in rare cases — a happy accident that generates results or — in most cases — a costly misuse of resources.

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving business world, brands need to engage and convert. Video marketing is the epicenter of those conversations. It is one of the single most important strategies you can add to your marketing stack.

The reality is that it takes a team, and a great deal of thought, to create and integrate an effective video marketing strategy. You do not have to do it alone. Find a partner who has the experience and expertise necessary to listen to your unique story, craft a compelling video from start to finish, and put it on the market so you see the results you need.

Ready to work with that partner and tell your story differently?

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